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Characteristics of the educational, social and cultural setting of the school. A general overview.

Description of the school.

The Secondary School Leonardo Torres Quevedo is an educational centre which started its activity back in the  80s as a Bachillerato School (Pre-university level) and it is located within the urban area of Santander (, a small town on the north coast of Spain (,_Spain).

Our school is a medium-size institution with 760 students and 80 teachers currently working on the different fields which develop the national curriculum for Secondary Education, as well as different actions aimed at engaging the students’ interests for further education. One of the identity marks of the school is trying to cope with individualised learning. Since the 90s, the school belongs to the Integration network and has become an outstanding reference in this field, meeting the challenges of education according to the circumstances.

During the years of compulsory education (ESO), special measures are implemented in order to attain with the students´ Special Needs, Literacy, Bilingualism, and High Performance programs or those taking part in the Gardening VET or Diversified curricula. At the Advanced Levels (Bachillerato), our school offers the widest variety of subjects and professional marketable skills for pupils: Arts (Drama, Music and Dance), Fine Arts (Drawing. Image and Design),  Social Sciences and Humanities and Science and Technology. (Studies offered at our school can be checked at )

Some School Resources: Plans, projects and programmes

There is a library on the ground floor with 4500 books and computers with Internet access which can be visited by students and teachers.

A gym, two courts and a bowling pitch are some of the sports facilities for the students located within the school area which also has gardened surroundings. Since it is considered a integration school, there are easy accessing facilities for physically challenged students and a physiotherapy room.

ICT is present in most of the classrooms and Internet Wi-Fi access is provided in the main building.

At the Torres Quevedo Secondary School, there are also specific projects and plans such as Reinforcement, Sustainability, Health Education,(  Entrepreneurship, Languages and ICT which are jointly developed during the 6 years-stay of pupils aged 12 to 18.

The European dimension and internationalization is a key aspect yet to come, as we are open to collaboration with international partners from other European countries to exchange best practices and develop innovative digital competency and ICT training programmes, methodologies and materials adapted from existing programmes offered at educational institutions around Europe.

A video presentation of the school may be found at .

Departamento de Lengua Extranjera: INGLÉS

Nº total de docentes que lo componen: 7

Los profesores que integran el departamento compartimos un doble objetivo:mejorar la competencia comunicativa de los alumnos y propiciar la adquisición y desarrollo de las competencias básicas. Desarrollamos nuestra labor docente de forma coordinada y en cuatro programas distintos en la Educación Secundaria –Ordinario, Bilingüe, Alto Rendimiento y Programa de Mejora del aprendizaje/Diversificación.

En Bachillerato nuestro objetivo también es doble: desarrollar y consolidar los conocimientos y competencias adquiridas a lo largo de la Educación Secundaria, y preparar al alumnado para el acceso a la universidad.


Relación de materias que se impartenNiveles correspondientes
 Inglés 1ºESO ( LOMCE)
 Inglés 2ºESO (LOMCE)
 Inglés 3ºESO (LOMCE)
 Inglés 4ºESO (LOMCE)
 Inglés Programa de Mejora del aprendizaje (LOMCE)
 Inglés Programa PMAR 4º ESO 
 Inglés 1ºBACH (LOMCE)
 Inglés 2ºBACH (LOE)

Coordinación Programa Erasmus+:

Participación Concurso Objetivo Europa 2017

Primer Premio Concurso Objetivo Europa 2016.



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